Entrepreneurs Exploit Florida Murder Case



In the months since Florida’s Casey Anthony and daughter Caylee Marie became household names, entrepreneurs have seized the opportunity to profit off the mother and toddler, reports the Orlando Sentinel. Products commemorating Central Florida’s most famous mother and her murder case keep popping up online. “There’s a long history of people being interested in high-profile murder cases and other people trying to make a buck off the situation,” said Bob Jarvis, who teaches legal ethics and law and popular culture at Nova Southeastern University. The items have outraged members of the Anthony family and others, who say the sellers are attempting to profit off the death of 2-year-old Caylee.

“Politicians and celebrities expect to be satirized; it goes with their jobs. The difference for Casey is that she cannot defend herself. God forbid the people who buy and sell these shirts find themselves accused of a crime they did not commit,” said Anthony defense attorney Jose Baez.

T-shirts with various slogans are available at $15 and higher. One features Anthony’s mug shot with the phrase “WASTE HUGE WASTE,” a statement she made during an angry jailhouse phone call to her family. Another commemorates “Zanny the Imagi-Nanny” – a reference to the baby sitter Anthony says took her child. A CASEY ANTHONY = DEATH PENALTY bumper sticker costs $4.20.

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