Ex-NYC Prosecutor Won’t Be Charged For Throwing Case


A former New York City prosecutor will not face ethics chages for deliberately losing one of his office's big cases: a rehearing of two men's murder convictions in the killing of a bouncer outside a nightclub, the New York Times reports. Daniel Bibb, 54, who has tried to build a new career as a defense lawyer since he quit the district attorney's office in 2006 after handling the case, said, “I'm glad it's over. I know I did the right thing.”

Bibb tried before the hearing to persuade his superiors that the convictions should be set aside, but was ordered to defend them in court anyway. Instead, he purposely threw the case. Defense lawyers quietly helped them. He tracked down hard-to-find witnesses who cast doubt on the convictions, and held back while cross-examining witnesses with long criminal records.

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