Reformers To Obama: Remove “Dark Cloud” From Justice Department


The U.S. Justice Department needs its own rescue plan, says the American Judicature Society, a legal reform group. The society concludes that the department's “reputation for political impartiality and the morale of its personnel are at their lowest ebb since the department's nadir in the wake of the Watergate scandal.” The group alludes to media reports, congressional inquiries, and investigative reports by the Department's Office of Inspector General (OIG) and Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) that “have documented troubling instances of improper politicization,” including the decisions to fire several U.S. attorneys.

The findings that some department personnel made misleading statements to conceal their wrongdoing add to the reasons for the “dark cloud [that] hangs over all the department's work and the morale of its employees,” says the society. Justice must “make decisions about individual cases – and be perceived as making those decisions–objectively and impartially on the merits, free from the taint of political motivation or interference,” says the judicature group.

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