Prison Coaches Have 411 For White Collar Cons



Larry Levine is among a small but growing number of consultants working as prison life coaches to the perpetrators of schemes, scams and swindles, reports the Los Angeles Times. White-collar criminals have long employed coaches to prep them on what to expect in the joint. But a new crop of consultants includes former prison staffers, disbarred lawyers and self-trained former jailhouse lawyers.

“We like to use the phrase ‘jailhouse litigator,’ ” says Levine, 47. “Jailhouse lawyer sounds cheap.” For fees ranging from a few hundred dollars to many thousands, consultants will explain the maze of regulations that govern every minute behind bars. They’ll show clients how to file a grievance, obtain a desirable prison job or get transferred to a nicer lockup. And they give newbies a crash course on prison lingo, culture and behavior — the do’s and don’ts of a violent place where the wrong move could be their last.

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