Long Probe On Whether Detroit Prosecutor Allowed Perjury


The high-flying career of Karen Plants, once Detroit’s star drug prosecutor, fell in a blazing spectacle last spring amid allegations she allowed police to offer perjured testimony in a 2005 cocaine case, saysthe Detroit Free Press. Nearly 11 months later — a period during which she was accused of professional misconduct by state legal officials; suspended and eventually retired — the criminal probe remains pending. Attorney General Mike Cox said a decision on possible charges is a month or more away. “This case is very important to public policy and the administration of justice,” he said.

Law Prof. Bennett Gershman of Pace Law School said such cases are tough. “Prosecutors and police are the good guys, and that’s a tough problem when trying to convict them of wrongdoing,” he said. Law Prof. Kevin McMunigal of Case Western Reserve in Cleveland, an expert on legal ethics, said not all lying is out of bounds: “We do permit police to lie all the time. Otherwise, they couldn’t do undercover investigations of drug gangs or terrorists. But we have to draw the line when we get to court.”

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