Back To The Future? Brass Whistles Vs. Robbers


If you’re getting robbed in Oak Park, Il., police want you to blow the whistle, says the Chicago Sun-Times. Police Chief Rick Tanksley is dusting off the actress Lauren Bacall approach to community policing in response to last year’s alarming 46 percent spike in robberies. He wants to outfit folks with brass police whistles they can use to attract attention when they spot shadowy characters up to no good.

Last year, there were 166 robberies reported in Oak Park, up from 114 in 2007. The spike has police brass “thinking outside of the box and being creative,” Commander Keenan Williams said. Still, the so-called “whistlestop” program seems a bit too Mayberry for some residents. “You’d think you could be effective using your cell phone or some other means of communication,” said one.

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