Chandra Levy Case Again Attracts Media Frenzy


An apparent break in solving former intern Chandra Levy’s murder has revived a mass media golden oldie with some new touches, McClatchy Newspapers report. Once more, satellite trucks are gathered outside Washington, D.C., police headquarters. Cable television shows are turning to the case. Reporters and producers are besieging Levy’s parents by phone, and national newspapers are sending journalists to the Levy’s home town of Modesto. The story is unfolding much as it did when Chandra disappeared back in 2001.

A D.C. Superior Court judge had not issued an arrest warrant for the suspect, who is in prison in California in another case, as of last night. Typically, investigators will present prosecutors with a draft warrant along with accompanying evidence showing probable cause. Prosecutors then refine the document before presenting it to a judge. A public relations person for the Levy family estimated she filtered upwards of 50 media calls on their behalf over the weekend, and “30 or 40” on Monday. Geraldo Rivera of Fox News landed the parents for an evening piece, not long after CNN aired an interview with Susan Levy. Fox’s Greta Van Sustern devoted an extended segment to the Levy case, interviewing Chandra’s brother Adam. Brad Garrett, the former lead FBI investigator on the case, showed up on another network.

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