Schwarzenegger Shifts Tactics To Defend Executions


California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has switched strategies in the battle to resume executions, agreeing to submit revised lethal injection protocols rather than continue appealing court decisions that the redrafted rules are illegal, the Los Angeles Times reports. Conservative law-and-order advocates and victims’ rights groups expressed frustration over the persistent delays.

State officials predict the execution procedures could be approved by a state panel in six months to a year, clearing the way for a federal judge to lift a moratorium on executions.
San Quentin’s death row, the nation’s largest, houses 680 prisoners. Executions have been on hold for three years while the state probed concerns that the three-drug injection regime may have failed to render some condemned men unconscious before the fatal last dose, exposing them to unconstitutional pain and suffering. California’s last execution was in December 2005.

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