8th Philadelphia Officer Killed In 3-Year Span


The suspect in Friday night’s murder of a Philadelphia patrolman is a “just not salvageable” career criminal who “should not have been among us, period,” said Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. “This guy was just a cold-blooded killer who made a statement [] that if police showed up, he was going to kill them,” Ramsey said. “That was his mind-set, and that was his intent.” Officer John Pawlowski, 25, was the eighth officer to die from on-duty injuries in less than three years. Homicide Division Capt. James Clark identified the suspect as Rasheed Scrugs, 33, whose decade-long rap sheet includes several aliases and multiple arrests for theft, robbery, and gun crimes. Scrugs, wounded by police after Pawlowski was shot, was in critical condition last night.

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