NJ’s Corzine Seeks Federal Assault Gun Ban Renewal


New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine called yesterday for tougher gun laws at the state and national levels, citing the recent discovery of 259 firearms at a man’s home as a reason to bring back a federal ban on assault weapons, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports. Corzine called on the state senate to approve a plan to limit New Jersey handgun buyers to one purchase every 30 days–putting public pressure on lawmakers to pass a bill that appears stalled. The Assembly has approved the measure.

Corzine made the calls for tougher laws before a roomful of gun-control advocates as he signed a law increasing the penalties for illegally possessing machine guns or assault weapons. He said a federal assault-weapons ban was needed to complement New Jersey’s restrictions. A national ban “in theory” would have blocked Brian Hinkel from a large arsenal at his home, Corzine said. Bryan Miller of Ceasefire NJ said that even though New Jersey bans assault weapons, they can be bought in other states and brought in illegally. A national ban would prevent buyers from obtaining assault weapons anywhere, he said.

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