College Students Taking ADD Drugs Illegally


Commonly called “smart drugs” or “study drugs,” scientists call them “cognitive enhancers.” National Public Radio say drugs like Adderall and Ritalin, prescribed for attention-deficit disorder, increasingly are being used by college students to help them study despite serious side effects. Adderall, nicknamed “Addy,” is the most popular study drug on college campuses; students say it boosts cognitive function and enables them to study for hours with full concentration without getting fatigued.

One student says she took her first Adderall when cramming for tests during her freshman year. She and other students asked that their names not be used because using or selling these drugs without a prescription is a felony. Students say Adderall and its cousin Ritalin are easy to get; it is bought and sold pretty much anywhere on campus. The going rate is $5 a pill, except in exam weeks, when supply and demand kicks in and the price can shoot up to $25 a pill.

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