SC Mayors, Law Enforcers Push For Crime Initiatives


Some 30 South Carolina law enforcers and mayors came together in Charleston Thursday to work up a plan for persuading the Legislature to sign off on new crime laws, reports the city’s Post and Courier. Charleston Mayor Joe Riley called the coalition together and presented it with a body of proposed bills that would give law enforcement more authority to search criminals out on probation and parole, put those who attempt murder behind bars for life and make gun laws tougher, especially for drug dealers.

The eight proposals include measures to stop convicted criminals from legally possessing handguns or assault weapons; toughen penalties for offenders who possess firearms while selling or making drugs; increase punishment for attempted murder from a maximum of 20 years to the possibility of life in prison; require probationers and parolees to submit to enhanced monitoring with or without warrants; require criminals to serve at least 85 percent of their sentences in jail, and permit judges to deny bail for repeat offenders. Riley began a push for new crime-fighting tools more than two years ago, but the ideas did not make it into law.

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