Detroit’s Top Lawyer Resigns Over “Ghetto Court” Remark


Detroit Mayor Kenneth Cockrel Jr.’s top lawyer resigned after saying the city’s court system was “acting like a ghetto court,” reports the Detroit News. Kathleen Leavey, who is white, said the comment was misinterpreted. Chief judge Marilyn Atkins sent a scathing letter to city officials calling the remark racist. Leavey was talking with the court administrator about the performance of the court, Michigan’s busiest. “I called it that because of the way they treat people,” Leavey said, referring to long lines for service that are common. “They treat people poorly [] whether you are black or white. You just get less service than you get in the suburbs. It’s just a bad situation.”

Said Atkins: “You should really think before you speak, especially when referring to this court — a predominantly African-American court in a predominantly African-American city with an African-American [becoming] president.” An internal investigation into an alleged traffic ticket fixing scheme has resulted in the firing of two clerks, and more may lose their jobs while Michigan State Police investigate possible criminal charges, Atkins said.


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