CA Prison Health Receiver Wants to Transfer 7,000 Inmates


California should be ordered to transfer up to 7,000 ailing prison inmates to facilities with access to better medical care, a court-appointed receiver told a court yesterday, says the Associated Press. A federal court has ruled that the quality of health care in California’s 33 adult prisons is unconstitutional and placed Clark Kelso in charge of finding solutions. Kelso said physically and mentally ill inmates cannot get proper care at four isolated prisons in the state’s Central Valley.

“There seems to be a feeling by the governor and attorney general that there are no consequences to not building (medical) facilities,” said John Hagar, the receiver’s chief of staff. Scott Kernan, corrections department undersecretary, complained that Kelso is spending $40 million to improve medical facilities at one of the prisons from which he suggests sick inmates should be removed. Attorney General Jerry Brown told AP: “The receiver has made a lot of progress. But it seems the more he makes, the less happy he is. No matter what the state does, it’s never enough.”


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