Nip Re-emerging Meth Problem In The Bud, Says TN Newspaper


The methamphetamine problem appears to be re-emerging, and it’s important to nip it in the bud, editorializes The Tennessean. Several years ago, meth was thriving and destroying lives. A coalition of law enforcement agencies and prosecutors raised awareness, identifying meth as a drug that was not only highly addictive but so devastating it could affect innocent children in homes where meth addicts lived.

A major focus of state and federal law has been to limit sales of pseudoephedrine, a common substance found in any drug store that had always been easy to buy. Now people are fanning out to buy legal amounts of the ingredients from as many different locations as possible, then pool the supply to keep meth labs going. It’s unclear what the best new approach might be to address the new tactics, but the commitment should be there to listen to law enforcement’s requests, says the newspaper.


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