Undercover Officer In High School Drug Case: “They Don’t Care”


The Memphis Commercial Appeal interviewed a 21-year-old undercover officer who investigated the drug trade at Tennessee’s Millington Central High School. Thirteen students were arrested last month in Operation Trojan Horse. Police even set up a house for her in town, with furniture and, if need be, hidden cameras. Almost immediately after police invaded the campus on Dec. 16, her cell phone started ringing. “My phone went nuts. There already had been rumors from people thinking I was the ‘po-po’ (slang for police).”

The officer was in an unusual position to gain insight into the drug use of teens. “You need to be more aware of who your children hang out with,” she said. “Girls will get in the wrong groups and date the wrong guys and start doing wrong things to please them. Same with the guys.” Though she knows “every kid will hate them,” school uniforms are definitely needed, she said. “They have bulky (clothes) they can hide things in.” Her impression of students who smoke pot and use drugs is that they have given up. “They don’t care. They don’t even try. A majority of (them) think they are just going to work at McDonald’s their whole life. “A lot of kids would be really smart but are wasting their life away, not just on drugs.”

Link: http://www.commercialappeal.com/news/2009/jan/15/no-headline—2009-01-14-213824041415/

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