RAND Corporation


Santa Monica, Calif.

Jeffrey Hiday, media contact

(703) 413-1100, x5117 or (310) 451-6913





This California-based nonprofit has one of the world's largest and most venerable terrorism research divisions. RAND (its name is derived from “research and development”) was founded 60 years ago, and it has been deeply involved in the study of terrorism since the 1970s. Dozens of its nearly 1,000 researchers are directly involved in terrorism research projects, most of them funded by government agencies. (RAND's revenues in 2007 totaled $223 million.) Its staff of experts can speak to a number of terrorism-related topics, including infrastructure protection, emergency response, use of the military in homeland defense, homeland security strategies, individual preparedness, border security, bioterrorism and terrorism risk management, among other things. The second web link above connects with a roster of RAND terrorism experts, organized by category with clickable biographies of each potential source. (Contact the RAND media office to arrange an interview.) The third web link connects with the organization's vast list of books, reports and monographs on the subject of terrorism.

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