Bloomberg Pooh-Poohs Significance Of Petty-Crime Ticket Drop


New York City police are writing fewer “quality of life” summonses because New Yorkers are “behaving better,” says Mayor Michael Bloomberg, pooh-poohing fears the decline could be a turning point back to sky-high 1980s crime rates, reports the New York Post. “Some days, you can’t win for losing. We brought crime down, which means fewer summonses,” he said. “The bottom line is, crime is down in all these categories. There’s better enforcement.” He was speaking in response to police sources telling the Post the department has relaxed its push to ticket people for petty crimes.

Speaking on his weekly radio program, Bloomberg denied that the city is abandoning the theory. “You certainly don’t walk away, you know, from the broken windows theory. We’re going after the small crime,” the mayor said. Neither Bloomberg nor police officials deny that last year, cops wrote 7 percent fewer summonses for misdemeanors and 6 percent fewer tickets for moving traffic violations. Cops are also writing fewer parking tickets. Bloomberg said he wasn’t worried about fine revenue lost because cops are writing fewer tickets. He said the losses amount to “maybe a couple million dollars.” A Post analysis put the actual losses at around $30 million; excluding parking tickets, the loss is around $10 million.


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