Alabama Sheriff Jailed For Serving Skimpy Jail Food


An Alabama sheriff is in federal custody after a judge ruled he purposely fed inmates skimpy meals so he could make money from an unusual Alabama system that lets sheriffs turn a profit on their jail kitchens, reports the Associated Press. Morgan County Sheriff Greg Bartlett said he made $212,000 over three years feeding prisoners, legal income under a Depression-era state law and reported on his tax forms.

U.S. District Judge U.W. Clemon ordered Bartlett’s arrest after hearing a string of skinny prisoners testify they were served paper-thin bologna, bloody chicken, and cold grits. “He makes money by failing to spend the allocated funds for food for the inmates,” Clemon ruled. The judge said Bartlett would remain in custody until he submitted a plan to feed prisoners meals that are “nutritionally adequate,” as required by an agreement in the lawsuit.


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