Why Jailed Suspect In FL Child Death Can’t Watch TV Accounts


The Web and TV are abuzz with the latest news about high-profile defendant Casey Anthony in Florida, who is accused of killing her daughter Caylee, but the most high-profile inmate at the Orange County Jail gets most of her news the old-fashioned way — on a small transistor radio from inside her 7-foot-by-12-foot cell, says the Orlando Sentinel. “[Anthony] has very limited access to the outside world,” jail spokesman Allen Moore said. “She’s not watching Nancy Grace.” Anthony, who is being held without bail. won’t be allowed to leave the jail to attend a memorial service for Caylee.

The main reason for Casey Anthony’s limited access to television news is her Level 1 protective-custody status — triggered in part by her notoriety. “The protective status helps avoid situations that will affect the inmate’s safety or the jail’s operation,” Moore said. Anthony can request to watch television during the one hour per day she is allowed out of her cell. The hour is normally reserved for showers and other activities. Inmates who are not in protective custody have more television access. All inmates can subscribe to newspapers, but they are not distributed in common areas at the jail. She and other inmates do not have access to the Internet.

Link: http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/local/orange/orl-caseytv0709jan07,0,3317271.story

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