CO Gun Sales “Through The Roof” Despite Obama’s Denials


Yet another state is reporting higher gun sales after Barack Obama’s election, The Rocky Mountain News says Colorado sales reached record levels last year. Background checks to clear buyers exceeded 200,000 for the first time in history. More than a quarter occurred after the Nov. 4 election. At a local gun show yesterday, dealers and Second Amendment advocates alike said there is a direct relation between the election results and firearms sales. Jimmy West of the Firearms Coalition of Colorado, a gun-rights group, said, “Quite a spike – I’ve never seen anything like it at a gun show before.” The National Rifle Association asserts that Obama has a “10-point plan to change the Second Amendment,” which Obama denies

‘”It’s mostly due to the fact that Obama has never made a pro- gun statement or a pro-gun vote in his entire career,” West said. “Quite the opposite.” An analysis by, which calls itself a nonpartisan group that monitors the accuracy of political statements, found that the NRA campaign “distorts Obama’s position on gun control beyond recognition.” Whether people believe the claims or are simply in a gun- buying mood, one thing is clear: Background checks are through the roof.


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