Milwaukee Claims Improvement Since Teen Violence Study


A new study showing that homicides involving black teens and young adults rose dramatically between 2000 and 2007 is out of date when it comes to Milwaukee, local officials tell the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Overall, Milwaukee homicides dropped about 30 percent this year. Said Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett: “The most dramatic change that we have seen this year is a very sharp decline in the number of African-American males who are victims of homicide. That flies in the face of [the new study].”

Said Police Chief Edward Flynn: “Crime reduction isn’t just smart tactics. Crime reduction requires a stable, visible police presence, and it requires investments in young people.” Mac Weddle of Northcott Neighborhood House in Milwaukee said hands-on parenting and an emphasis on education can help young people avoid detrimental decisions: “Some of it has to do with upbringing. We as parents have to know more about where our children are and what are they doing. Who are they involved with? Are they going to school? If not, why not?”


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