Despite “Closure” Of Adam Walsh Case, Evidence Is Shaky


The evidence against Ottis Elwood Toole, a career criminal declared by Florida authorities as the killer of young Adam Walsh in 1981, has been shaky, at best, from the start, says the Miami Herald. and who note that police never charged him while he was alive. ”I was appalled, absolutely appalled,” Pat Brown, a criminal profiler in Washington, D.C., said of the decision to close the case. “There is no reason to close a case without sufficient evidence that one particular person has committed the crime.” Then Hollywood, Fl., police lieutenant J.B. Smith said in 1984: “The only thing that we will say for sure is that 3,500 hours and $62,000 later, we can’t confirm anything he has said.”

Police were unable to obtain new evidence in recent years. ”If you’re looking for that magic wand or that hidden document that just appeared, it’s not there,” said Police Chief Chadwick Wagner. The chief said ”a vast amount of circumstantial evidence” created probable cause enough to charge Toole with the crime — were he still alive. One of the original detectives on the case, who spent 100 hours talking to Toole said, “I’ll tell you right now: He didn’t do it.”


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