Cincinnati Sends Cops For Criminal Justice Master’s Degrees


Cincinnati Police Chief Tom Streicher is sending three officers to college to learn the latest advances in criminology, reports the Cincinnati Enquirer. The officers, in the “Chief’s Scholar Program,” attend the University of Cincinnati’s criminal justice masters program. It’s an intensive yearlong master’s program in which they will get degrees in law enforcement and crime prevention. “Our belief is that they are going to be a vital part of the command staff and the problem solving approach we have adopted within the police department,” Streicher said.

The police department has given the university’s Policing Institute access to data, which it can then analyze and return to the department. Graduate assistants used mapping and databases to help police target gang members terrorizing one area, resulting in dozens of arrests. Robin Engel, director of the Policing Institute, says the program benefits from the officers’ real-life experiences. “This is win-win-win,” she said. “The graduate students learn from practitioners; it allows the practitioners to learn new and innovative approaches they can bring back to the job; and the citizens of Cincinnati benefit because they will be the recipients of better police service.”


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