Bush Reviewing Pardon To Man Who Duped Poor Home Buyers


President Bush is reviewing plans to pardon a Brooklyn real estate developer who was accused of scamming hundreds of poor, minority home buyers- and whose father donated $28,500 to the Republican Party this year, Cable News Network reports. Bush’s announced pardon of Isaac Toussie, 36, outraged ex-customers who said they were duped into buying overpriced, defective homes, says the New York Daily News. The pardon was one of 19 reported Wednesday in Crime & Justice News

“We’re in the middle of a mortgage crisis [and] this is somebody who was alleged to have participated in predatory lending practices,” said Peter Seidman, a lawyer who represents 460 people who say they were fleeced. “To pardon Isaac Toussie is a kick in the teeth to homeowners struggling with mortgages they can’t afford.”

Link: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/2008/12/23/2008-12-23_president_bush_pardons_brooklyn_home_sca

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