OR Didn’t Use Anti-Bomb Equipment Before Officers Were Killed


A bomb explosion at an Oregon bank Dec. 12 that killed two police officers and seriously injured a third has raised questions about why officials didn’t use costly equipment purchased by the state to prevent these kind of incidents, says the Center for Investigative Reporting. Officials plan to ask the FBI to help determine what went wrong. One of the two men killed in the Woodburn, Or., blast was a bomb expert with the Oregon State Police. Also killed was a Woodburn police captain. The city's police chief lost part of his leg and remains hospitalized. Two suspects have been arrested.

State police failed to deploy an explosive ordinance detection vehicle purchased for its bomb squad with a 2006 federal grant. The Oregon State Police in 2004 alone spent more than $600,000 in federal homeland security grants on bomb mitigation and armored-response equipment that apparently wasn’t used to help ensure the safety of the three men.

Link: http://www.centerforinvestigativereporting.org/blogpost/20081223gearpurchasedwithgrantmoneyd

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