Madoff Scandal Threatens TX Post-Conviction DNA Testing


Add the Innocence Project of Texas to the list of groups victimized by the Bernard Madoff $50 billion investment fraud. The JEHT Foundation, which is closing because its funds were invested with Madoff, had aided post-conviction DNA tests for Dallas County inmates who claim they are innocent. The project had received $400,000 from JEHT but hoped to get as much as $15 million more. If there is not enough money to complete current DNA testing, the project will seek other grants and hold private fundraisers, reports the Dallas Morning News.

The Dallas County district attorney’s office partnered with the Innocence Project of Texas in 2007 to examine post-conviction DNA tests that had been previously denied. About half the requests have been examined, although not all who request testing will receive it. With 19 exonerations because of DNA testing, Dallas County has more such exonerations than any other U.S. jurisdiction since state law began allowing post-conviction testing in 2001.


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