MO County Hopes For More U.S. Antidrug Aid, Won’t Close Unit


The Buchanan County, Mo., Drug Strike Force will continue to operate, even if federal funding evaporates in mid-2009, says the St. Joseph News-Press. “We've told the task forces that they can expect a 60 to 70 percent cut (after July 1),” said Terri Durdaller of the Missouri Department of Public Safety. However, with a new White House administration, some signs indicate the funding could be restored to its full 2006 levels.

Federal Byrne/JAG funds pay for drug treatment and enforcement, and they typically contribute more than $250,000 to the strike force. The Byrne program had doled out $900 million in 2001, but was down to about $166 million this year. Sheriff Mike Strong said, “It's essential, essential to this community that we sustain the Drug Strike Force. It cannot go away.”


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