Secret Service Faces Questions Over Shoe Attack On Bush


In movies, Secret Service agents leap in front of bullets aimed at the commander in chief. But in Baghdad, agents failed to block not one, but two shoes hurled at President George W. Bush during a weekend news conference, notes the Chicago Tribune. Secret Service officials faced the inevitable questions about how an angry television reporter was able to throw two shoes before agents moved into the line of fire.

Secret Service officials said they are reviewing the incident and the procedures used by agents guarding the president. But officials defended the agents’ actions, saying that they reacted appropriately in a situation in which all of those present had undergone intensive security screenings. Nonetheless, former agents and security experts who reviewed video of the incident predicted that it would lead to changes to improve procedures for safeguarding the president. Everyone at the news conference had passed through several layers of security and had been searched multiple times, a Secret Service spokesman said. But he added that the agency will examine its performance.


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