‘Tis The Season: Minnesota Police Gear Up For Big DWI Weekend


For law-enforcement officers and impaired drivers, December is DWI crackdown month in Minnesota, reports the Minneapolis Star Tribune. The state patrol presence will be heavy this weekend, a two-day stretch that historically ranks second only to the St. Patrick’s Day party period in DWI arrests, a state public safety spokesman said. As part of its safe-driving message, the Department of Public Safety staged the delivery of a truckload of officers to a news event earlier this month, and it has churned out statistics showing that December is exceeded only by August in the percentage of DWIs issued per month during the past three years.

On Tuesday, the department announced it was teaming with beer and licensed-beverage associations to offer “Designated Driver Gift Cards,” which says the giver will be a designated driver on a given date. They can be found at liquor stores, bars and other retailers, or sent electronically at www. minnesotasafeandsober.org. “Give the gift of a safe lift,” the blurb said. The DWI enforcement campaign is being coordinated by the Department of Public Safety, which uses grant money to pay overtime costs that put extra officers on state roadways.

Link: http://www.startribune.com/local/stpaul/36273904.html?elr=KArks:DCiUHc3E7_V_nDaycUiD3aPc:

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