Nebraska Panel May Mandate Continuing Ed For Law Enforcers


Doctors, lawyers, nurses, real estate agents and even cosmetologists must take refresher courses to retain their professional license in Nebraska. But if you wear a badge and carry a gun, the state has no similar state mandates, reports the Omaha World-Herald. Although many of the larger police agencies have their own internal standards, Nebraska is among only 10 or 11 states that don’t require all law enforcement officers to take continuing education.

A state panel is on course to change that. The Police Standards Advisory Board will meet today in Grand Island to examine other states’ continuing education requirements and discuss whether they might fit in Nebraska, where more than half the law enforcement agencies have fewer than five officers. La Vista Police Chief Bob Lausten, a member of the advisory board, said that despite barriers such as increased costs, Nebraska needs to require some training to improve law enforcement and reduce liability for cities and counties. “I just think it’s kind of ironic that we mandate 20 hours of training a year for elected sheriffs but nothing for any other law enforcement officers,” he said.


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