Nearly 1,000 Guns Purchased In St. Louis Gun Buyback Event


Nearly 1,000 handguns, rifles and shotguns arrived at the Omega Center banquet hall in St. Louis on Saturday, toted by owners taking advantage of the police department’s one-day gun buyback program, reports the city’s Post-Dispatch. “I didn’t have no use for it,” said Leroy Cole, 58, of Jennings, who was handed $50 cash in exchange for the shotgun from his upstairs bedroom.

Police paid $50 for handguns, rifles and shotguns and $100 for assault-style weapons. People were able to hand over their guns anonymously with no questions asked. The limit was five guns a person. Police collected 997 guns, 10 of which were assault rifles. Police paid $48,000 for weapons and spent about $3,300 for advertising. The department dedicated $57,000 in seized drug money for the event; the leftover money will return to the department’s forfeiture fund. In 2007, police had 247 handguns, 161 shotguns, 127 rifles and a machine gun turned in at the buyback.


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