Detroit Prosecutor: Violent Video Games Can Lead To Crime


Detroit Prosecutor Kym Worthy has issued a Top 10 list Monday of the most violent video games played by teens, says the Detroit Free Press. “The last year has convinced me more than ever that children are at risk of becoming desensitized to violence and can exhibit more aggressive behavior if they repeatedly play certain violent video games,” said Kim Worthy. A spokesman for the video game industry said the cited by Worthy already are rated “M” for mature audiences, meaning they are marketed and to be sold only to those 17 and older.

Worthy tied video games to last year’s slaying of a youth who was stabbed to death and subsequently beheaded and burned by two suburban teens. “The investigation revealed that the youths would often play violent video games,” Worthy said. Her list of violent games: “Blitz the League II,” “Dead Space,” “Fallout 3,” “Far Cry 2,” “Gears of War 2,” “Left 4 Dead,” “Legendary,” “Resistance 2,” “Saints Row 2,” and “Silent Hill: Homecoming.” At the end of the last game, a player is forced to choose between shooting his mother in the head or let a torture device rip her in half.


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