Chicago Protesters Object To Arming Cops With M4 Carbines


A parade of 150 protesters, many of them Chicago teens, attended a public meeting at Chicago Police headquarters last night to voice their displeasure with the police department’s increased firepower, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. The group, whose members are part of the Live in Peace Campaign, cited the M4 carbines that police brass said earlier this year would be given to officers to match the powerful weapons now in the hands of criminals.

In April, officials announced that the police force’s 13,500 officers would be armed with the M4s. Chicago Police SWAT teams are already equipped with M4 carbines, but officials say pistol-carrying rank-and-file officers are out-gunned. Used by the U.S. Marine Corps, the M4 is an assault rifle that fires more shots in less time than a conventional handgun. Many students grumbled when they learned Police Superintendent. Jody Weis was not at the meeting.


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