Cops Find Huge Caches Of Drug Money In Vehicle Searches


The driver of an Arizona van with almost $1.3 million hidden inside had only 34 miles to go last August and he would have been out of Oklahoma. He didn't make it – caught because he almost caused a wreck, says The Oklahoman. The FBI says it is a common practice for drug traffickers to transport huge caches of money – either their drug sale profits or funds for drug buys – in their vehicles to distant locations. In the last four years, Oklahoma troopers have found more than $33.5 million hidden inside vehicles stopped for minor traffic violations on state roads.

In the August case, an alert highway patrol trooper saw the driver's unsafe lane change, turned on his emergency lights and pulled him over. The trooper noticed key signs of possible drug trafficking – an extremely nervous driver and the strong odor of air freshener. The FBI says drug traffickers wrap their money so couriers won't steal any. They hope to keep drug-sniffing police dogs from detecting any odor of narcotics that may be on the money because it was around drugs.


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