O.J. Simpson Due To Join Ranks Of 13,000 Nevada Inmates


O.J. Simpson’s new home will be a prison cell in the Nevada desert with his door to freedom hinging on an appeal of a trial that his lawyers say was filled with errors, reports the Associated Press. The most significant concern could be the exclusion of blacks from the jury selection. Simpson will spend at least nine years in prison. Michael Shapiro, a New York defense lawyer, said Simpson’s case may get extra attention from the Nevada Supreme Court. “Superimposed over all of it is that he’s O.J. He’s not Joe Schmo,” Shapiro said.

Simpson attorney Yale Galanter said prison will be very taxing on Simpson. At 61, he is not in great health, the attorney said. Nevada prison cells average 78 square feet. Each cell has a narrow window about four inches wide and 30 inches long. Simpson will be one of about 13,000 state prison inmates.

Link: http://www.lvrj.com/news/35674304.html

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