Americans “Want O.J. To Go Away,” Commentator Says


“Nobody cares” about O.J. Simpson’s fate these days, journalist Jane Velez-Mitchell says on CNN’s Reliable Sources. People who are 22 years old now “were 8 when the double murders occurred. So young people really don’t care. Older people who are very well aware of the 1995 case really almost have an aversion to this entire story. They want O.J. to go away.” In the days of the first U.S. African-American president-elect, Velez-Mitchell says, Simpson “s a pest. He is a reminder of racial divisions of the recent past that nobody particularly wants to revisit, especially not with this loser. So everybody is kind of, please, just go away.”

Velez-Mitchell says Simpson “is no longer the glamorous, handsome, strapping defendant that he was back in 1995. He’s a pathetic middle-aged man who embarrasses everybody.” CNN “Reliable Sources” host Howard Kurtz, noting that the current case involves an “almost comical attempt by Simpson and his thugs to steal back his sports memorabilia at a Las Vegas hotel,” observed that everyone had to be thinking this was, on some level, poetic justices for a guy who most Americans believe is a murderer.” Velez-Mitchell agreed, saying, “most legal experts think the thumb was on the scale that an ordinary defendant would not have gotten this kind of time for what was really not your stereotypical kidnapping. Nobody was moved from one location to another. It all happened in this sleazy little hotel room, a bunch of unattractive middle-aged guys.”


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