U.S. Officials Fear Luxury Hotel Attacks After Mumbai Massacre


The terrorist attacks in Mumbai are prompting efforts to bolster security in the U.S. by officials who fear the assault on India’s financial capital represents a model for future attacks on U.S. soil, reports USA Today. New York City police are scheduled to participate in live exercises today simulating scenarios in the Mumbai attacks. Those will follow a morning briefing for 400 corporate security officers from businesses. Boston police have increased surveillance and are monitoring hotels more closely. The Indian attacks will “put a new focus on emergency preparations all over,” says Seattle Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske, president of the Major Cities Chiefs Association.

The American Hotel and Lodging Association said the Mumbai incident and the bombing of a hotel two months ago in Islamabad “may be the beginning of a resurging and alarming trend of luxury hotels becoming magnets for terrorist attacks.” Mumbai alarmed security officials because of the simplistic yet lethal nature of the attacks that killed nearly 200 over three days. “This is like Columbine and Virginia Tech quadrupled,” says Miami Police Chief John Timoney. “In this one, there were multiple locations and much advanced planning. This (assault) was not sophisticated; it was not spectacular in that it did not involve planes or large bombs. It was pretty crude, and that puts a new face on this kind of thing.”

Link: http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2008-12-05-mumbaisecurity_N.htm?loc=interstitialskip

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