MA Pays $11 Million To Troopers Who Pass Fitness Test


An obscure perk in the Massachusetts state police contract triggers an instant raise when troopers pass a fitness test. The Boston Herald reports that the provision has cost taxpayers $11 million and isn't being ruled out in the next contract. Nobody will say if the one-time, 2.5 percent raise given to more than 2,000 troopers who passed a fitness test over the past two years will be repeated. The current police contract, which boosted troopers' pay 19 percent, expires Dec. 31.

Some legislators, who didn't know the perk existed, say it's time for the bonus to be bounced. “Being fit is not something you should get a bonus for,” said Senate Minority Leader Richard Tisei. A Herald investigation found that the state has paid out more than $11 million to 2,000-plus troopers who passed the fitness test, which the president of the State Police Association said is the only one of its kind in the nation.


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