PA Governor Lifts Parole Ban; State’s Procedures ‘Safe And Sound’


Gov. Rendell lifted a two-month moratorium on paroling violent offenders yesterday after a consultant’s report indicated that Pennsylvania’s procedures for releasing inmates were largely sound and safe, reports the Philadelphia Inquirer. John S. Goldkamp, the head of Temple University’s criminal justice department, also said parole officials were not at fault in the August release of Daniel Giddings, who a month later gunned down Philadelphia Police Sgt. Patrick McDonald.

“Nobody fell asleep at the wheel,” Goldkamp told reporters yesterday, adding that by all indications, Giddings appeared deserving of parole because of his recent good prison behavior. “Some of the things people keep inside are hidden well.” “. . . This is a guy who acted very well for a number of years, but when he got out, he as an individual made some very bad decisions. They were things we couldn’t see easily in advance. I don’t know if I would have done any better in reading the signs.”


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