Seattle Expert Discusses His “Prison Gangs In America”


As founder of Gang Prevention Services, Gabriel Morales of Seattle has developed a reputation as an expert on the histories and activities of local gangs, says the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. He worked for more than a decade in California’s notorious Folsom State Prison. He began his company to share what he had learned with the local law enforcement community. Morales has written “Familia — The Family: Prison Gangs in America,” a 200-page textbook on the growth of gangs in the corrections system.

He says: “I wanted people to see what happens on the inside. Once (people) get arrested, they don’t stop dealing. Your aggressive guys who like to assault people on the street, they’re the guys who like to beat up people on the inside. The gangs are a lot more organized than people understand.” He adds, “Most of them will get out one day. That’s why we should be concerned as a society. It’s a very, very violent world (in prison), and a lot of times, when (inmates) get out, that’s all they know.”


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