Attorney General Choice Eric Holder’s “Unlikely Array of Critics”


Expected Attorney General nominee Eric Holder already has an “unlikely array of critics from the left and the right,” says’s Legal Blog Watch. The Republican Liberty Caucus says: “For years, Eric Holder has worked to degrade our civil liberties and weaken the Constitution and the values on which our nation was founded.” TalkLeft objects to Holder’s efforts while U.S. Attorney in Washington, D.C., “to raise marijuana penalties and restore mandatory minimum penalties for drug crimes.” NORML Blog cites Holder’s “long history of opposing drug policy reforms, perceiving cannabis smoking by adults as a public nuisance worthy of constant harassment, promoting violent governmental intervention into the private lives of citizens who consume cannabis.”

The blog Wizbang Blue accuses Holder of “pandering to religious right organizations” on separation of church and state. Trial lawyer Gerry Spence says that when a lawyer works long enough for big corporations, as Holder did, “the human psyche begins to dry up and one day will fall out on the carpet of the boardroom floor [] like a dried up old prune.” Despite all of this, Holder’s prospects for confirmation are good.

Link: http://legalblogwatch.typ

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