IN Inmates Use Ceiling Passageway For Late-Night Sex Parties


Inmates at the Greene County, Ind., Jail face charges that they used passageways in the ceiling more than a dozen times to sneak between cell blocks to have sex, reports the Associated Press. The inmates, three men and three women, removed metal ceiling panels and used the route in September and October, according to court documents

The men — ages 44, 38 and 17 — and the women — ages 27, 26 and 21 — crawled through the ceiling after midnight, having sexual encounters and drinking homemade alcohol that was found hidden in the male cell block, a police affidavit said. One male inmate who was not charged said the female inmates would ”hang-out, play cards or have sex with some of the male inmates” in their cell block, the affidavit said. The inmates were able to find a security camera ”blind spot” where they could remove ceiling tiles and create a passage between the cell blocks, Sheriff Terry Pierce said.


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