PA Officials Can’t Explain Why Latest Cop Killer Was Released


William Allan Foster should have been in jail on Monday rather than behind the wheel of the car that killed Philadelphia Police Sgt. Timothy Simpson, says the Philadelphia Inquirer. Foster, 41, has spent much of his adult life in prison for drug, theft and escape convictions. He was released from a New Jersey prison in March and ordered to stay in touch with parole officials. In August, he was arrested in Pennsylvania on theft charges, and spent four days in jail before making bail. He was let go even though New Jersey officials said they had communicated told the facility where he was being held that they wanted him for violating parole. On Nov. 5, he was again arrested, this time for shoplifting. Once again, he was released.

Deputy Police Commissioner William Blackburn said officials were investigating why Foster was let go. “There’s no reason in the world this person should be on the street,” Blackburn said. Officials were unable to explain the breakdown in communication between jurisdictions. “This is a tragedy, what happened,” said Bucks County, Pa., District Attorney Michelle Henry.


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