Charlotte Mulls 16 ‘Ambitious, Challenging’ Anti-Crime Ideas


Months after Charlotte residents pleaded with local leaders to fix crime problems in the community, a citizens’ panel has offered 16 ideas they believe will help make the local justice system run more smoothly. The ideas are diverse, touching on all the crime agencies in Mecklenburg, reports the Charlotte Observer. They’re also ambitious and will challenge the heads of those crime agencies to work more closely together to ensure their success.

Some ideas mirror those recommended in the past by similar groups that were never implemented. Task force members have said they don’t want their ideas to suffer the same fate. But county commissioners quickly signed off on one of the task force’s ideas. They agreed last week to create a county staff position designed to help hold the crime agencies more accountable for improving the system. It remains to be seen what will happen to the other proposals. Commissioners left consideration of those ideas to the new slate of commissioners joining the board in December. County administrators also will study the proposals.


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