Sheriff’s Patrols, Jail Face Cuts In Bleak Cincinnati Budget


Cincinnati’s Hamilton County expects massive layoffs, departmental consolidation and severe public safety cuts to balance the bleakest budget in memory, reports the Cincinnati Enquirer. A budget plan would close an 800-bed jail by March and eliminate sheriff’s patrols in the county’s three largest townships.

Public safety officials balked at the recommendations.”The county administrator is jeopardizing the public safety of this county by recommending the cuts to the sheriff’s office,” said a spokesman for Sheriff Simon Leis, who said he was “amazed and appalled that the county commissioners list their No.1 priority as public safety, yet on these cuts public safety is absorbing 38 to 40 percent of the cuts.” Although commissioners insist public safety is a top priority, “there’s only so much money to spend and when it’s gone, it’s gone,” said Commission President Todd Portune. Because public safety makes up two-thirds of the county’s overall budget, there’s no way to balance it without hurting that area, commissioners said.


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