K-Mart Pulls Replica Guns In MN Store; Chief Urges More Action


K-Mart has agreed to a police request to stop selling replica guns at a Minneapolis store, reports WCCO-TV. The request came after dozens of violent crimes where toy, pellet, and BB guns were used. Last spring, a teen was shot after he pointed a replica at two police officers. Police Lt. David Hayhoe said that one replica guns was bought at the store by a juvenile gang member caught with the weapon the same day outside a school.

K-Mart does not plan to pull replicas from other stores in the Twin Citiesarea that also have city ordinances banning their use in public. St. Paul Police Chief John Harrington expressed disappointment “that this policy is not being applied more broadly and we’ll be asking to meet with the owners to discuss our concern shortly.”

Link: http://wcco.com/crime/fake.guns.minneapolis.2.861130.html

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