MA Exploring Why Boy, 8, Handled Machine Pistol At Gun Club


The micro Uzi machine pistol placed in the hands of an 8-year-old at a Massachusetts gun club’s pumpkin shoot last month is so hard to handle that its nickname among gun enthusiasts is the “Fifty-fifty.” The Boston Globe quotes a firearms company owner as saying, “That means there is a fifty-fifty chance that you’ll either kill whomever or whatever you’re aiming it at or kill yourself. That machine gun should have never been at that shoot. It doesn’t have a grip and has such a high rate of fire that even adults have a lot of difficulty controlling it. It’s designed for highly-trained bodyguards, not children.”

Christopher Bizilj was handed the gun last month and, with an instructor by his side and his father standing behind him, was allowed to pull the trigger. The gun careened from his grip, and the boy shot himself in the head. State legislators will consider regulating who may discharge a firearm and the conditions for handling firearms. “We want to understand how exemptions exist that would allow a child to get their hands on this type of weapon, how these firearms are in Massachusetts, and what are these roving gun shows and how do we allow them to rove in Massachusetts,” said Rep. Michael Costello. State lawmakers say gun clubs appear to be unregulated. Massachusetts law requires anyone under age 18 to have parental consent and the supervision of a licensed instructor to fire an automatic weapon. Otherwise, there is no minimum age to fire such a gun.


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