FBI Tracked Journalist Halberstam For Decades, FOIA Request Reveals


The FBI amassed a dossier on the late journalist David Halberstam for more than two decades – keeping tabs on his reporting, tracking his marriage to a Polish actress and preparing background reports on the Pulitzer Prize winner for other federal agencies, reports the New York City News Service. The feds appear to have paid particular attention to Halberstam in the mid 1960s when he was a New York Times correspondent in Poland during the Cold War – when that nation was closely aligned with the Soviet Union.

Halberstam married Polish actress Elzbieta Czyzewska. He was expelled in 1967 for his coverage, including stories that cast doubt on public support for Poland's Communist leaders. Czyzewska, who moved to New York with Halberstam, also was tracked by the FBI. The dossier is 98 pages, but only 62 pages were released by the FBI, which said many of the documents should remain sealed because of national security, privacy and other reasons. The documents were obtained under a Freedom of Information Act request, which calls on the agency to release certain documents to the public once the person has died. Halberstam was killed April 23, 2007, in a car accident in California.

Link: http://nycitynewsservice.com/2008/11/06/fbi-kept-tabs-on-ny-reporter-halberstam/

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