Modern-Day Miami Record: No Murders In A Month


Midnight Friday marked the end of October and the news from Miami’s homicide office was what didn’t happen: no one was murdered. The Miami Herald says that for the first time since May 1966, an entire month went by in Miami without someone succumbing violently. ”That’s an amazing thing,” said Miami Lt. John Buhrmaster, a longtime homicide investigator. “It’s a great record when people are not killing each other.” Miami has notched 55 homicides in 2008. Last year, the total was 87.

Homicide detectives also investigate suicides, accidents and natural deaths where no doctor is available to sign a death certificate. Just Friday, Miami’s homicide unit was tasked to investigate the deaths of three migrants who apparently drowned after jumping from a suspected smuggling ship off Virginia Key. Overall, homicide detectives credit ever-improving emergency care with saving people who, perhaps 20 years ago, might have met their demise.


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